Male Housekeepers


We are very interested in hiring male housekeepers. The majority of requests we get for male housekeepers are for gay male clients but not ALWAYS. Before applying for this position, please make sure you are comfortable with scenarios in which you would work for either male or female clients.

Also please be aware that at this time, the company is still growing, and our hiring for male housekeepers is open but men will not receive the same priority female housekeepers do. The hiring process will take longer, and at this time our advertising focuses on female housekeepers, so we cannot guarantee a large volume of hours for some time.

We hope this changes very soon, and this notice will disappear at that time. While we are very eager to work with male housekeepers, we also want to be very upfront with applicants about the turnaround time involved and hours that are available. Please do contact us with a hiring inquiry if the above is not a complication for you.

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