Safety Staff


We’re always looking for men and women to join our safety team. Our employees work in a pre-screened safe and comfortable environment. We are always accepting applications for housekeepers and safety staff, and if you are 18 or older, confident, and love working with people, we want to meet you, regardless of sex, race, or body type. This is a legitimate work opportunity from an established female-owned company where your safety and CONFIDENTIALITY are our number one priorities. As the safety of both staff and clients are of paramount importance, security applicants will submit to background checks. Reliable transportation, cell phone, and flexible schedule is a must!

Security will escort cleaners into job site, inspect for safety, and stay on location just outside of jobsite for the duration, then leave with the housecleaner. Most jobs are for a duration of two or three hours; the security personnel will be responsible for checking in with supervisor once the housekeeper is at the jobsite and upon conclusion of the job. The housecleaner must also check in with security detail every 20 minutes.

If at any time the environment is deemed unsafe for either the housecleaner or security, security is responsible for terminating the job and ensuring the safety and retrieval of housecleaner. ALL jobsites and customers are prescreened for safety of all parties. You will work in a safe and comfortable atmosphere and can work as much or as little as you want, for $20 an hour plus mileage reimbursement.

One very important part of this job is to follow instructions accurately, so please review the hiring procedures below and form your application accordingly. Please see our Hiring FAQ to answer any questions you may have.

We have provided two methods for you to fill out an application:
Our PREFERRED METHOD is for you to print and fill out an application in your handwriting. Please click here to download and complete the application in PDF format if you have a printer and fax/scanner/camera to return the application with. If you do not have a PDF reader already, you will need it to open this file, and can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free at

If you have no access to a printer or method to return the printed document, you have the option to fill out the application in Microsoft Word DOC format. Please do NOT use this method if the PDF format is an option, as it can alter the formatting and make it difficult to read. We also prefer it to be filled out in your own handwriting. That said, if necessary, please click here to download and complete the application in Microsoft Word DOC format

 If you are having trouble downloading the application, please note that the link does not send you to another page, but allows the application to download in a Microsoft Word .doc or Adobe Acrobat .pdf file. You may have to lower your security settings for it to download, but generally the problem is simply that the applicant does not realize that a file has downloaded when the link is clicked – please check your downloads. If you are absolutely unable to download the file, please email and we will send you a copy of the application. Do NOT ask for the application if you are using your phone or a computer without the functionality to open a Word file. Find your way to a computer with this capability and try it again BEFORE emailing and requesting a copy. We do receive many inquiries on a daily basis and appreciate your understanding that it is very time intensive for us to troubleshoot each person’s technology problems.

The subject of your email must say Safety Staff Application: (YOUR REGION HERE). It MUST include:

- Application
- Professional resume (A cover letter is not preferred but is acceptable if it is cut & pasted into the body of the email – NOT as a separate attachment or included in file with resume.)
- Phone number
- Email address

Upon receipt of your inquiry, we will contact the right candidates in the following manner:
- Your local area manager will receive your information after having been screened and approved by Human Resources IF the area currently has a position to fill.
- The area manager will contact you to set up an interview in person, and will provide a link for you that contains a Safety Staff New Hire Manual, containing more information about the position, to review prior to your interview.
- Your area manager will contact chosen applicants to offer a position within one week of the interview, and will provide new hire paperwork. You will return this paperwork to Human Resources at Paperwork must be received within 72 hours of your contact with area manager.
- Upon receipt of new hire forms, Human Resources will email you immediately to let you know they are received, then phone you within 48 hours to welcome you on board and answer any new questions.
- Background check will be initiated. Your hire is PENDING until the background check is completed.
- Your area manager will contact you when the background check has been returned and provide you with your schedule.

This entire process can take up to four weeks from the receipt of your initial application. PLEASE BE PATIENT, as our Human Resources department is small and handles all of our locations across the country. Repetitive inquiries, whether over the phone or email, will prolong the hiring process for everyone and WILL jeopardize your hiring.

If you feel that your application may not have been received due to a technological glitch, you may resubmit one time. If you have not heard anything within 14 days of sending your original application and you are concerned it was not received, you may resend one time.

If you have completed your interview with your area manager and have returned all documents to Human Resources, but have not heard back after this from your area manager that the background check has been completed, you may contact us if it has been ONE WEEK since you sent the documents to Human Resources, but not before.

Please do not send partial applications with a note that you will send the rest later. Wait to send everything at one time. Incomplete applications will be rejected at all times.

Please understand that we do not ENJOY having such strict rules for the hiring process, but we are a rapidly expanding company with a small corporate location and use the ability to follow instructions as one of our screening methods. It is not uncommon to receive over one hundred inquiries per day; therefore we cannot respond to individual questions before the hiring process has begun, inquiries that do not follow instructions, or applicants making multiple inquiries regarding their employment status outside of the exceptions we have listed above. These instructions MUST be followed exactly or your application is likely to be rejected.

To be employed with Dirty Girls Housekeeping, LLC, you must be able to pass a background check, be able to work legally in the United States, be willing to work on an “as needed” basis, and understand and adhere to strict company policies such as NO SEX OR PHYSICAL CONTACT PERMITTED.